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The Premium Brand of Tamper Evident Security Labels, Tapes and Seals


Tamper Evident Labels and Tape – FAST!

If you are looking for a quick Tamper Evident solution, LabelLock stock is for you! 3 sizes, two formats (No Residue and Dual Layer) as well as our special Tamper Evident TAPE - all available from stock! Call us now for 24 hour delivery from stock, and you're nearly...

Are You An Amazon FBA Seller?

Are You An Amazon FBA Seller?

  As of March, 1st 2021, any UK seller offering hygiene and topical products through Amazon’s FBA programme will be required to use a suitable ‘Factory Seal’ on their packaging. According to Amazon’s seller guidelines, this is being introduced to demonstrate that...

LabelLock with scannable barcodes coming soon!

LabelLock tamper evident security labels are the number one choice for professionals seeking to secure physical assets with a simple, cost effective yet highly secure device. Unique numbering ensures traceability and a good audit trail. This numbering will soon be...

Are you ready for FMD?

Are you ready for FMD?

Are you ready for it? In February 2018, the EU Falsified Medicines Directive comes into play. There are 2 main requirements in the directive All packs should carry a unique serial number to identify and authenticate individual products. Packs should be sealed in a way...

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