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If you’ve seen an online news website this week, the chances are that you might have seen this picture. Unfortunately, it shows a sorry sight, and a shocking lack of knowlege in ballot security.

Ballot boxes must be securely sealed with a tamper evident seal, so that it is evident if the ballot box is opened, guaranteeing that the contents cannot be tampered with once the box is sealed, until the seal is broken under supervision for the purposes of counting. This is to prevent any allegations of electoral fraud, or to prevent tampering with the contents.

If plastic ties are used, like the one in this picture, then each uniquely numbered seal must be correctly fitted. This is done by inserting the tail through the hole visible in the tag part of the seal…NOT by simply using a granny knot!

These seals are single use only, a vital part of their security. To remove the security seal, the tail must be broken, ensuring that the uniquely numbered device cannot be reused or re applied if someone was to try to tamper with the contents. LabelLock™ seals and LabelLock labels are made for this purpose, and LabelLock is the only Brand of security labels to have achieved ISO17712 tamper evident certification.

LabelLock™ labels also come in ‘no residue’ form, making them ideal for use in these environments. Once removed, the uniquely numbered label changes permanently and irreversibly to reveal the words ‘opened’ across the label. Crucially, no damage is done to the ballot box, which can then be used in multiple elections. LabelLock labels, tape and seals are used worldwide to secure ballot boxes, aircraft, computers, vehicles and even envelopes; in fact there’s not much you can’t seal with LabelLock!