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The Premium Brand of Tamper Evident Security Labels, Tapes and Seals


Custom Dual Layer Label Lock™  are used by government organisations and blue chip multinationals for sealing of:

  • envelopes to deter and detect unauthorised access to sensitive documents
  • boxes, cartons and other varieties of single use packaging to seal against theft in transit and warranty claims
  • shrink wrap / stretch wrap of palletised high value goods
  • difficult to seal cabinets, access panels and doors that need restricted access to authorised people only
  • warranty seals on machinery and tooling to prevent spurious claims
  • computers and IT hardware to prevent eavesdropping and component theft orswapping

Any language (including Arabic) can be included in the design as well as own company branding, logos and “house” colours.  Full colour photographic images are not yet available in customised Label Locks.  A full design guide for customising your Dual Layer Label Lock Label is available from your distributor.

Significant volume discounts are available from your local distributor for long runs of custom Label Lock Labels.  For prices, samples and design specifications please contact us.

Customised Dual Layer Label Lock™ security labels provide maximum security, delaminating on tampering or removal in a unique way to leave a permanent evidence of the seal.

With a minimum order quantity of just 12,000 labels you can customise the size, colour and design of a batch of your own unique Dual Layer Label Lock labels including a customised subsurface “opened” message in any language and text. The unique Dual Layer tamper evident technology that makes Label Lock so special is the same as the stocked version available off the shelf from your distributor with identical levels of tamper evident security. Special high security features such as temperature indicating thermochromic inks are available.


Label Lock® is manufactured by Mercian Labels at our plant in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

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