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The Premium Brand of Tamper Evident Security Labels, Tapes and Seals


A range of premium quality opaque single-use tamper evident security envelopes/bags incorporating the highest levels of security to indicate an attempt to tamper with the contents from all known methods of attack. 

Label Lock™ security envelopes are made from opaque recyclable polyethylene (LDPE) and are supplied with sequential numbering and bar-coding on the envelope, plus a tear-off receipt which carries the same number as the envelope. They are suitable for high risk applications including cash deposits, vault management, cash in transit, gaming applications, forensic samples and evidence sealing. The barcoding uses a standard symbology and the numbering on each bag is guaranteed to be unique.

The tear off receipt record has space to record a signature and date, plus sender and recipient details. Each envelope has a matt white patch of approximately 150 mm x 150 mm which can be written on.

Two sizes are available and can purchased from stock in batches of 1,000 bags for immediate delivery:

  • A5+ (internal dimensions 171 mm x 230 mm + Receipt) – capable of holding a stack of A5 documents
  • A4+ (internal dimensions 259 mm x 360 mm + Receipt) – capable of holding a stack of A4 documents

Label Lock™ Opaque One Time Security Envelopes - A5

Stock Pricing - LLA5C
1,000+£88.64 (GBP)$141.82 (USD)€106.37 (EUR)
3,000+£84.17 (GBP)$134.67 (USD)€101.00 (EUR)
5,000+£80.35 (GBP)$128.56 (USD)€96.42 (EUR)
10,000+£76.52 (GBP)$122.43 (USD)€91.82(EUR)

Label Lock™ Opaque One Time Security Envelopes - A4

Stock Pricing - LLA4C
1,000+£133.64 (GBP)$213.36 (USD)€160.02 (EUR)
3,000+£126.64 (GBP)$202.62 (USD)€151.97 (EUR)
5,000+£120.87 (GBP)$193.39 (USD)€145.04 (EUR)
10,000+£115.12 (GBP)$184.19 (USD)€138.14 (EUR)
  • All prices are per one thousand bags
  • Minimum order value £300
  • Customisation is available for larger orders of 15,000 bags per design, please contact us to discuss your options

Label Lock® is manufactured by Mercian Labels at our plant in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

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